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You Ask - I Answer

How long does each therapy session take?

Each session is designed to be developmentally appropriate for each client's age. 
For children, sessions range from 30-45 minutes. For most adolescents, adults, or families each session lasts 50-90 minutes. 
New clients can expect their first session to be 90 minutes.

Do you take insurance?

Currently my service is self-pay. I am more than happy to provide each client with a bill (Superbill) that can be filed with their insurance individually.

How are you different from other therapists?

My speciality and emphasis is correlated with my professional experience. I have spent 14 years working with children, teens, and their families during some of the toughest times in their lives. I continue to work with children and teens during critical moments of their healthcare journey, just in a different role. 

I have witnessed euphoric happiness and debilitating sadness with families that have a child living with a life-threatening illness. I want to continue to serve children, teens, and families within my community that are dealing with difficult transitions in life and want to support their healing throughout the counseling process. 

How much does your service cost? 

My hourly rate for a 50 minute session is $125. New client assessments and family sessions scheduled for 90 minutes are $175. 

Clients are provided a receipt of service (Superbill) for their sessions that can be submitted to their insurance for reimbursement or to count towards their deductible. 

What kinds of things can you help me with? 

I can help with a variety of issues that clients may face, anxiety, loss/grief, family conflict, boundaries, issues surrounding chronic illness, and much more. I am here to help those that want to feel differently, make changes to move forward, or who want to work on being the person they want to be. I willing to work with you to find out if I am the right person for your specific needs.

What about confidentiality?

Confidentiality is a reasonable and understandable concern for clients. I want to assure you that I take confidentiality very seriously. I know that we all need a safe place and person to talk through private issues. I am also legally obligated to maintain confidentiality for my clients, except in cases in which your safety or the safety of another person is in question. We will discuss the details of confidentiality before any work begins to make sure that the policies and limitations are fully understood.

What is a therapy session like?

Most sessions consist of me listening to what you want to bring to the session to talk about. I like to take my time to build rapport with you and to fully understand, so there's never any rush. You will always be in control of what you want to talk about and the intensity of the subject matter. I want to help you feel as comfortable as possible but also encourage you to embrace discomfort to achieve growth. However, I will respect your right to talk (or not talk!) about what you wish. I know that you want to begin your journey when you are most comfortable and feel safe.

Can you "fix" me? 

I am not a physician or a psychiatrist, I can't heal your body, give you medicine, or "fix" you. 
However, I can listen to you, validate what you are experiencing, and help you come up with solutions that fit your unique journey. 
Change and growth takes time, and if you are open to doing the work and moving forward, I know that self-discovery and healing will take place.
You may feel broken or that you need to be "fixed", and I want you to know that is far from being true.

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